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the leading #1 Solution patented for hair loss

the #1 leading solution patented for hair loss

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The Root of Hair Loss

The Easiest and Most Effective Way to FIGHT DHT, The ROOT CAUSE of 95% of ALL Hair Loss...

DHT is the number one obstacle to having thick and healthy hair. DHT tells your hair follicles to shrink. Eventually, DHT shrinks hair follicles to the point where they shut close, resulting in confidence-shattering hair loss or even total baldness. The Shapiro MD hair regrowth system was designed to block the root cause of hair loss, allowing your hair to continue within its intended normal regrowth cycle. In clinical studies, finasteride is shown to be over 80 percent effective with hair regrowth with visible progress often within six months of use….

See What’s Inside

Finasteride, 1 MG (RX)

Finasteride is a once daily oral medication for treating male pattern hair loss. In clinical studies it has been proven to stop or slow hair loss in most men. It works by internally stopping testosterone from becoming DHT(the primary hormone to cause male pattern hair loss), effectively blocking up to 90% of DHT in the scalp.

  • FDA Approved Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

  • Stops Hair Loss in 83% of Men*
  • Increases Hair Density in 65% of Men*
  • FDA-Approved Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

  • Stops Hair Loss in 83% of Men*
  • Increases Hair Density in 65% of Men*

DHT Blocking Shampoo

Our patented Shapiro MD Shampoo contains three powerful and natural active ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to block the effects of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hormone that is widely believed to be a leading cause of hair loss. This patented formula is designed for use by men of all hair types.

  • Developed by Industry-Leading Dermatologists

  • Stimulates Healthier and Stronger Hair Growth

  • Safe for All Hair Types


90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Developed for treating all hair loss patterns.

Overall thinning

Thinning at the crown

Receding hairline

Frequently Asked Questions

What is finasteride and how do I take it?

Finasteride is a 5α-reductase inhibitor that reduces the formation of the androgen dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in certain body tissues, including the scalp. DHT contributes to hair loss in men with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness). Finasteride is typically prescribed in a 1mg dose, taken once daily. It is the only oral medication approved by the FDA for male pattern baldness, and it has been used by millions of men around the world since its first approval in the 90s under the brand name Propecia. Finasteride requires a doctor’s prescription (quickly processed with Shapiro MD).

What is Propecia?

Propecia was the brand name for finasteride 1mg when it was first FDA approved and launched by Merck Research Labs. Finasteride lost patent protection about 10 years ago, which has made this medication available as a generic at much lower prices. Finasteride is also approved under the brand name Proscar, and at a higher dose, for the treatment of an enlarged prostate.

What should I expect?

Progress is often visible within 6 months, however, use for at least 12 months is recommended by most doctors to monitor efficacy through multiple hair growth cycles.

Dr. Steven D. Shapiro, M.D.

Co-Founder, Shapiro MD

Dr. Michael Borenstein, M.D.,

Co-Founder, Shapiro MD